4th Grade Reading and Language Arts

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Class Information

           The fourth grade reading plan requires that students read for a minimum of 30 minutes each day and must complete a reading log each month. Please help your child find books or magazines of high interest or of different genres. Encourage them to be readers by showing interest in what they are reading and by asking them questions about it. Students may check-out books from a public library, from the classroom library, or purchase books at a discounted price through our Scholastic classroom account. Donations of grade level books to our library are welcomed to provide students with a variety of texts. 

            Reading Plus has been completely redesigned to help engage students. Training will be provided for the students on the first week of school. Students must complete TWO Reading Plus Sessions (6 activities) each week. To complete two Reading Plus sessions, the student must complete two activities for iBalance, two activities for See Reader and two activities for Read Around. That is a total of 6 activities each week. Students must have 54 activities completed (in total) at the end of each 9 weeks and will receive one grade. This means, students will need 18 activities for iBalance, 18 activities for SeeReader and 18 activities for ReadAround.

           Students will also be required to complete a book report every month. The instructions and due dates can be viewed by clicking on the button below. Students will receive two grades for each book report.

Reading -  Reading in grade four is a continuation of the elementary developmental reading program. The major goal of the reading program is for children to understand, use, and enjoy written language. Progress is based on successful achievement in four major skill objectives: vocabulary, decoding, comprehension, and life and study skills.

Language Arts - The skills taught in language include grammar (using the parts of speech correctly), mechanics (capitalization, punctuation, etc.), communication (using writing, listening,and speaking skills), and spelling skills.


Reading Plus Grading Scale:
54-49 activities = A
48-43 activities = B
42-38 activities = C
37-33 activities = D
32- 0  activities = F